What do you want to presentWhom do you want to present it to?

We’ll answer all those questions and help you with everything else! We make various audiovisual products: from music videos for singers and promo videos for companies to movies that reach a wide audience. At uEnvision Studio the requirements of our clients become a natural part of the entire creative process with maximum focus on the purpose and final result.



Once upon a time… 


…every project starts with an amazing story – tell us yours! The team of uEnvision Studio

  • develops an absorbing story with original content
  • writes a perfect script 
  • plans production and budget.

This is the key stage of the whole creative process, which can save you a lot of time, money, and energy. We always think twice.


Sound, speed, camera, rolling…

…action! We provide for necessary technical equipment like camera, sound, lightning, grip, and set up a professional team including film crew, actors, extras, and production experts. We work with you to choose the right location and props.

This is the most exciting part of our work when your dreams, visions, and inspirations come alive. We support you even with difficult issues – we always tackle new challenges systematically and with respect.  


Take a seat…

…the curtain is going up! uEnvision Studio takes full care of your raw footage including: 

    • editing
    • color editing
    • audio mastering

Adobe creative suite gives us an amazingly wide spectrum of tools to finalize the project from editing, animations, graphics and subtitling to sound and color editing.

We know that the creative process is very subjective: therefore we always pay utmost attention to the requirements, feelings, and goals of our clients.


We offer filmmaking equipment for projects with both low and large budget. We fully understand the needs of our clients and can secure equipment we do not currently possess.

Kamera SONY FX6, optiky Samyang Xeen CF, záznam Atomos Shogun 7, vozíky Panther Classic, Panther Twister, dron DJI Air 2S.

Rôzne technické doplnky a príslušenstvo.

Od jedného dňa až do niekoľko týždňov.

Točenie na zelenú plochu, rozhovory, kurzy, fotenie…

Áno. K dispozícii je technik, resp. tím, ktorý zabezpečí správne nastavenie, inštaláciu, vyzdvihnutie a odovzdanie zariadenia.

Áno. Zastrešíme celú postprodukciu: úpravu farieb a zvuku, grafický design, 2D animácie a strih.

Áno. Filmové štúdio uEnvision Studio s.r.o. je hrdým členom celosvetovej organizácie BNI, prostredníctvom ktorej spolupracuje s podnikateľmi a video tvorcami po celom svete.

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Looking for a place to give your creativity free rein? Studio rental is always the right choice! Make yourself a cup of coffee or tea and toy with your ideas in a cozy and quiet atmosphere. Our studio with an area of 45 m2 is located on the top floor of an office building in the street  Svornosti č. 43 in Bratislava. If you come by car, you may use free available parking and get to the next shopping center and restaurant in only one minute. You may even bring your own gear or rent our equipment.

Price: EUR 40.00/hour; EUR 400.00/day (12 hours) 


*the price does not include operation of the technical equipment


Full-frame film camera, delivering high-quality image up to 4K 120p, suitable for low-light settings up to 409, 600 ISO with a large dynamic range. 

Price: EUR 150.00/day

*including: tripod, backpack, 3 x battery, SDI cables, 160GB CFexpress memory card

Samyang Xeen CF

Excellent lenses made of carbon fibers with outstanding T-stop of 1.5, providing for a truly aesthetic impression and featuring an attractive bokeh, shallow depth of field and attractive night capture. We have 3 lenses – Focal length: 24, 50 and 85 mm. 

Price: EUR 100.00/day (set); EUR 50.00/day (1 pc)

Atomos Shogun 7

Monitor, recorder and live switcher, offering 4K RAW recordings (4K/60p and 2K/240p), equipped with HDMI, SDI and XLR inputs and outputs. 

Price: EUR 50.00/day

*including: accessory kit (2 x battery, sun shield, belts, cables etc.), 2 x 1 TB disk 1 x 120 GB disk, 10-pin XLR cable, tripod

DJI Air 2S

Drone with 1″ CMOS sensor and obstacle avoidance system delivering 20 Mpx pictures and videos with resolution up to 5.4K 30 fps or 4K 60 fps, with 31 minutes maximum flight time after charging and 12 km maximum transmission distance. 

Price: EUR 50.00/day

*including: Fly More Combo (3 x battery, ND filters etc.) 2 x 256 GB micro SD, USB adapter


uEnvision Studio

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