ZPK - Mesto (music video), 2019

ZPK – Mesto is our first project in rap industry. It was created in cooperation with Studio Immortal in Bratislava.

Halloween Party (short film), 2018

Some people love to fear, some people don’t. Sometimes the fear seems to transcend the barriers of our imagination, which is the case of Emily, the main character of the story.

Slovak Easter (explained), 2018

Have you ever wondered what’s Easter in Slovakia like? No, Slovaks do not hunt for Easter eggs. This short spot portrays unique traditions in Slovakia as well as other Slavic countries during the Easter. Have we finally explained the craziness around whipping and watering girls in Slovakia?

Christmas Hashtag, 2017

It is the Christmas time and most of us love to share our Christmas activities on social media, whether it is baking, decorating, wrapping presents, catching a fish….wait what?


This short film is about Bono who lived a glamorous life and had everything. One day, he realizes what truly matters in life, but it is too late. He lost it all.

This is the extended cut of the shorter version which entered one minute short film contest.


Meteorit Actors Sketch, 2017

This is how it all started! The first project with Meteorit actors. It was shot all in one take, which makes it look cool, but it certainly was not as easy as it might look. 

Football is a universal language and nothing speaks louder than an international tournament like the FIFA World Cup that unites billions of people around the globe. The documentary takes us across the continent from Italy to France and Germany to discover why so many are football mad.



FrankieMan is a short experimental film. The protagonist is a piece of aluminum, which came to life one day. This mysterious creature is ignored by the surrounding world and struggles to accept the fact that it belongs in the garbage.

The film made it to SEGMENTS: Orange County Short Film Festival.

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