Bollywood Filming Expedition!

We recently flew all the way to Tbilisi, Georgia, to work on the Bollywood production Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy. The film set was a forty minute drive into the wilderness. It was dark all along the drive, but as we came upon the set, we were greeted by the gorgeous sight of flat fields crowned with surrounding hills.

It was a massive task for us as we prepared the REELCAM for a battlefield scene which had been rehearsed for months and involved hundreds of horses, stuntmen, and special effects. The battlefield parameters were 100 x 100 meters therefore we needed to employ cranes that would allow the REELCAM to cover such a huge space and bring us as high as 60 meters above ground.

After three days of careful preparation, installation, and technical rehearsal we were ready to hook up our REELCAM system with the slow motion Phantom Flex camera to deliver the long awaited “money-shots”. Our REELCAM system was flying around the battlefield, around horses, followed the flying canon projectile (yet to be animated in the post production) to make the film look as epic as the charge on Helms Deep from Lord of the Rings.

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The REELCAM technical specification on this production:             

– our flying parameters were 100 x 100 x 60 meters (length x width x height)

– we used 4 cranes that could carry up to 200 tons                

– we used 1600 meters of special rope, very thin (almost like a shoe lace) and extremely strong

– weight of the camera + stabilizing rig was 42 kg

– stabilizing equipment – Freefly MōVI XL

– REELCAM max. speed was 30km/h

– total weight of the REELCAM is 960kg (for transportation purposes)


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